Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bye and Bye

Album: Love and Theft


Release Date: 2001

Thoughts: When I first heard Love and Theft back in 2001, it was pure joy. Bye and Bye was one of the songs that just jumped out at me. The song seemed so “undylan” like.

It was one of about four songs on the album that reminded me of Louis Armstrong. I could hear Satchmo singing this song. I remember wishing that there was some kind of software that could recreate Louis singing, for I know that if he were alive, he would have covered Bye and Bye in a heartbeat.

Coolest thing about the album art: The image of Dylan. This image and slight variations of it seem to have become the standard. Bob has not changed much (appearance wise) since 2001.

Best Lyric:

I'm tellin' myself I found true happiness
That I've still got a dream that hasn't been repossessed

ike a complete unknown

ziggy martin

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